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Here at Journey Christian Church we have the vision to create Disciples that make Disciples.   We know that we are not the only ones that do this and together we can be even more effective at reaching Wayne, North-East Nebraska and the world.  That's why we also support other mission works, you can check out the ministries that Journey Supports here and learn more about them.

Christian Student Fellowship (CSF)


Unleashing a generation of disciples on their campus, and into every sphere of society around the globe.


Christian Evangelistic Missions (CEM)

CEM works with Church plants to help prepare for the successful launch of new churches.  They also invest in Church Health to church leaders and help implement the renewed vision and strategic goals to help churches be healthy.   They also work to help Resource leaders with all the mentoring, coaching, and networking they might need.

Deaf Missions

It’s About Starting A Movement

When you partner with Deaf Misions, you are joining a movement of people who are helping millions of Deaf people encounter Jesus and to live a life of meaning and purpose. Our simple process for delivering the Gospel of Jesus happens in three steps… 1) Epic Videos 2) Building Communities and 3) Training Leaders.


Good News Productions International  (GNPI)

GNPI creates relevant media to proclaim the Good News and empower Jesus followers to do the same. We do this through a network of international teams, who use all forms of media to reach the hearts of their people and multiply disciples across the globe.

Gregory & Rhonda Ohrenburg

Gregory & Rondy Ohrenberg have been serving through PBT in Vanuatu since 2005. They not only translate Scripture into the dialects of the people of Vanuatu, but live among them, ministering through daily life and Bible studies. Out of nearly 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, more than 1,900 have no Scripture— not even a word. PBT is confident that churches will be using Scripture in every language group on earth by 2050.


Literature and Teaching Ministries (LATM)

LATM works to PARTNER with Church leaders around the world, to PUBLISH Christian books in the world's Languages to DISCIPLE people worldwide to Find, Follow, and Serve Jesus.

Regional Church Planting -- Forge

Journey is excited to partner with regional Church Plants or Church Restarts to help our region have healthy and disciple-making churches!
Currently, we are supporting Forge Christian Church in Hastings NE.

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